The Mayo

From the day that Mayo's idea of ​​our guiding principles is based on the highest quality and unique values.

Our Philosophy of Food

The Mayo menu was inspired by the work of outstanding Hungarian producers.

Wherever possible, we work with home-based materials to show simple foods with perfection. We work closely with our manufacturers and suppliers, we have been experimenting with a wide variety of products to make our salads, wraps and pastas available from the most reliable sources and from sustainable ingredients.

Our Philosophy about people

Our team is the heart and soul of Mayo. From the first day we are working hard to build, develop and maintain our truly unique community. The satisfaction of our returning and new guests, the many positive feedback to us, is that we are on the right track. We have introduced a new loyality system on our website for our returning customers.

Our Philosophy of Health

In The Mayo, we believe our customers deserve to know what's on their plate. In our shop and online nutrition table we can find all the information about allergy, calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat content of our foods. In our products we only work with farm chicken breast, Pick salami, premium tiger prawn and high quality bacon.

Our guests can choose low carbohydrate and / or low fat foods according to their diet.

Philosophy on enviroment protection

Our enviroment is important for us. As a fast food restaurant we partially use plastic and disposable items, but with our new improvements we plan to address this problem and reduce our ecological footprint. From April 2019 we changed plastic cutlery for biodegradable, we serve our dressing for salads separately only on your request, and we don't send cutlery and napkin for delivery by default, only if requested. More improvements are coming up to reach our common goal, to stop damaging our enviroment.