Loyalty Points

We value the loyalty of our guests, so registered users ordering on our website will be awarded with loyalty points. This is our way of saying thank you for your trust.


  • For every item or service ordered through our website, you will be given 10% of the price in loyalty points. ( For ordering a salad that costs 1290 Ft you will receive 129 loyalty points.)
  • 1 loyalty point is equivalent to 1 Forint.
  • You can spend your loyalty points on our website, but only if the number of your loyalty points fully cover your total order. (If you order salad for 1890 Ft and the delivery fee is 400 Ft, then you need to have at least 2290 loyalty points.)
  • There is no option for multiple people to pool their loyalty points. Loyalty point will only be awarded after online orders on our website and can be spent only for online orders.
  • You have the option to collect your order paid with loyalty points in our restaurant after you placed it online through your personal account on our website.
  • You can check the number of your loyalty points any time you are logged in.

If you have any other questions about loyalty points, please let us know and send us an email to [email protected] Thank you for your trust and we hope you will keep honoring us with it in the future.